Pierre Verger Prize - Showcase

– Transnômade, A viagem da minha vida (46’)
Alágbedé (12’)
– Corpocidade (8’)

Todas as informações sobre os filmes podem ser consultadas no site dos Pierre Verger Prize.

The Pierre Verger Awards (PVA), promoted by the Brazilian Anthropology Association (BAA), is one of the main competitive festivals for film, photography and graphic works produced in the scope of anthropological research in Latin America. Through such artistic and political languages for propagating knowledge, its exhibitions explore, register, express, and question different sociocultural contexts and experiences. Since 1996, the PVA happens biannually constituting a showcase for visual and audiovisual production conducted by anthropologists in the contexts of their research. Besides films, the category of photographic essays was incorporated in 2002; and in 2022 the festival integrates also a drawing exhibition.

In each award’s edition, BAA opens a call with the rules for submitting the material. For this 2022 edition, the Organizing Committee received a total of 109 works, selecting 34 ethnographic films, 12 photographic essays, and 8 drawing essays, which were presented to an independent jury invited to deliberate and grant the awards and honorable mentions of that edition.

Similar to the 7th Congress in 2019, APA promotes a session with some of the winners of the 2022 edition of the Pierre Verger awards at the 8th APA Congress, disseminating audiovisual work with a focus on Brazil. The program will be announced at the session, September 6, 5pm, auditorium 131, Colégio do Espirito Santo, University of Évora.

For more info on the Pierre Verger Wards see: https://www.en.ppv2022.abant.org.br/?lang=en-us