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11h - 13h
Aud. Uni. Évora
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Aud. Uni. Évora
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Auditório Centro de Arte e Cultura da FEA*
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*Fundação Eugénio Almeida


Anthropology and Film Programme
APA Congress, Évora 2022

The Anthropology and Film Programme takes place in articulation with the 8th Congress of the Portuguese Anthropology Association and assumes itself as a place to get to know and debate films that inspire, provoke and unsettle us. Through an international call, we received around 100 films (33 full-length films, 14 medium-length films and 55 short films), a total of almost 63 hours. The jury selected 25 films, in a 12 session program, with free entrance. The films that will be screened were produced in Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Holland, India, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United States of America and Vietnam.

The Exhibition is spread around the city of Évora: in the garden of the Arts Centre of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation, in the Auditorium of the same Foundation, and in Auditorium 131 of the Espírito Santo College of the University of Évora (sessions at 11am and 2.30pm).


  • Amaya Sumpsi, CRIA / NOVA FCSH
  • Gonçalo Mota, CETRAD
  • Inês Ponte, ICS-ULisboa (coord.)
  • Lee Douglas, IHC-NOVA
  • Rodrigo Lacerda, CRIA / NOVA FCSH (coord.)
  • Catarina Barata ICS-ULisboa
  • Filipe Ferraz (ISCTE-CRIA)

6th Session: Roots

September 8 - 11h00 | O Ha Wa Hoimabadze + Tobačni Spomini + Esto Es Lo Que Hay

10th Session: Cosmopolitics

September 9 - 11h00 | Mundo + As Palavras Encantadas do Hupd'äh da Amazônia: Mestres de Saberes Narrados por Renato Athias

Selected Films (alphabetical order)

Selected Films (alphabetical order)

Titulo original | english title
[Country of production and shooting, year, duration,

Portugal, 2021, 12 min, Pedro Figueiredo Neto & João Afonso Baptista

Brasil | Brazil, 2020, 43 min, Rose Satiko Gitirana Hikiji & Jasper Chalcraft

Barber Queen
Sérvia | Serbia, 2019, 8 min, Işıl Karataş, Pia Bühler, Viktoria Kostova, Yoana (Joyce) Stefanova

Dorothé na Vila | Following Dorothé
Espanha | Spain, 2020, 87 min, Alejandro Gándara & Olaia Tubío

Estados Unidos da América | USA, 2019, 4 min, Ari Hock

Esther Newton Made Me Gay
Estados Unidos da América | USA, 2022, 92 min, Jean Carlomusto

Esto Es Lo Que Hay | It Is What It Is
Espanha | Spain, 2021, 32 min, Paloma Yáñez Serrano and Benjamin Llorens Rocamora

Evitável | Preventable
Brasil | Brazil, 2019, 26 min, Júlia Morim

O Ha Wa Hoimabadze | Água e Vida | Water and Life
Brasil | Brazil, 2021, 8 min, Newi Top’Tiro & Markus S. Enk

Hostal España
Espanha | Spain, 2021, 32 min, Chus Domínguez, Inma Álvarez

Kalopérasi: good times between the bad times
Grécia & Holanda | Greece & The Netherlands, 2019, 21 min, Alexandra Wrbka

The Lowland | گود
Irão | Iran, 2021, 52 min, Aidin Halalzadeh & Sepideh Salarvand

Lugares de Ausência | Places of Absence
Portugal, 2021, 27 min, Melanie Pereira

Monzón | Monsoon
Espanha  & Vietname | Spain & Vietnam, 2020, 14 min, Manutrillo

Mundo | World
Chile, 2020, 19 min, Ana Edwards

Nhe’ẽ Kuery Jogueru Teri | Nossos Espíritos Seguem Chegando | Our Spirits Keep Coming
Brasil | Brazil, 2021, 15 min, Kuaray Poty (Ariel Ortega) & Bruno Huyer

Not Just Roads
India & Suiça | India & Switzerland, 2020, 67 min, Nitin Bathla, Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou

Notas de Caminhada | Hiking Notes
Brasil | Brazil, 2019, 3 min, Eveline Araujo, Felipe Solino, Gabriela Peixoto, Letícia Gomes & Stéfano M. Reyes

As Palavras Encantadas do Hupd’äh da Amazônia: mestre de saberes narrados por Renato Athias | The Enchanted Words of the Hupd’äh of the Amazon: master of Knowledge narrated by Renato Athias
França & Brasil | France & Brazil, 2020, 52 min, Mina Rad

Estados Unidos da América | USA, 2022, 18 min, Matthew Raj Webb

Threads: sustaining India’s textile tradition
India, 2021, 58 min, Shuchi Kothari and Katherine Sender

Tobačni Spomini | Tobacco Memories
Eslóvenia & Bulgária | Slovenia & Bulgaria, 2020, 30 min, Manca Filak

Visões de Copacabana: uma breve trilogia do acaso | Copacabana Visions: a trilogy of chance
Brasil & Portugal | Brazil & Portugal, 2021, 19 min, Rita Brás

França & Japão | France & Japan, 2021, 77 min, Anush Hamzehian & Vittorio Mortarotti

Žít Vodu | Living Water
Suiça, República Checa, Jordânia | Switzerland, Czech Republic, Jordan, 2020, 77 min, Pavel Borecký

Call for films

Chamada para FIlmes


Film Submission
How do anthropology and cinema intersect to reflect on the new twenties? The Anthropology and Film Programme seeks to explore the challenges, uncertainties, and resistances of the current times, assuming itself as a place to get to know and debate films that inspire, provoke, and unsettle us. This is the invitation we extend to you.

Important dates
06/09/2021 to 28/02/2022
Film submission period

Announcement of the selected films on the congress website

06/06/2022 to 06/07/2022
Period for submission of screening files and support materials

Film eligibility criteria
Production date after January 1, 2019;
Subtitles in at least one of the following languages: Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES) or English (EN).


First phase
Selection process (submission until 28/02/2022):

Completion of online form with information about the submitted film, including (online) link to a preview version of the film (e.g. Vimeo or Youtube). The link to preview the film may be in unlisted mode, or with password-protected access (providing it in the film submission form), according to the author’s preference.

The selection results will be available on the website of the congress after 31/05/2022.

Second phase
Only for selected films (to be sent until 06/07/2022):

In due time, the authors and/or production companies of the selected films will be contacted individually about sending the necessary materials for the programme, including the screening file (via Dropbox, WeSendit, WeTransfer, MyAirBridge or equivalent) in a digital format suitable for large format public exhibition (MP4, MOV; compression H.264 or ProRes).

Along with the file for screening, those responsible
for the selected films must also send:

– 2 frames of the film;
– Technical information;
– Trailer, if available;
– Joint declaration (template provided by email) with:

  1. Permission for the screening of the film by the Portuguese Association of Anthropology, within the scope of the Anthropology and Cinema Programme, integrated in the 8th Congress of the Portuguese Association of Anthropology;
  2. Permission for the use of promotional images by the Portuguese Association of Anthropology in the programme posters and on the congress website or other promotional materials;
  3. Permission for the screening of the film in the programme itinerances in anthropology departments and research centers linked to Portuguese universities.

We encourage the presence of the authors of the films in the programme, particularly in the session where their work will be screened, in order to stimulate the debate on film production and its intersections with anthropology.


  • Amaya Sumpsi, CRIA / NOVA FCSH
  • Gonçalo Mota, CETRAD
  • Inês Ponte, ICS-ULisboa (coord.)
  • Lee Douglas, IHC-NOVA
  • Rodrigo Lacerda, CRIA / NOVA FCSH (coord.)
  • Catarina Barata ICS-ULisboa
  • Filipe Ferraz (ISCTE-CRIA)